What’s in a name… or a tagline?

If your life had a tagline, what would it be? You’d be forced to sit, reflect, and contemplate… you. That’s what we’ve been doing… for the last six years.

Little background: The Foundation was formed in 2013 when BSA Hospital sold and became “for-profit”. All of the non-profit organizations and programs that were under the non-profit hospital became what makes Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation.

Yes, it has taken six years to figure out how to take a bunch of different programs and organizations with different missions, combine them into one foundation, and effectively communicate one common goal.

The tagline… (drum roll please)… will make it’s debut in our August edition of the Full Circle Newsletter.

However, we decided to let our blog readers be the lucky ones to see it first.

Dedicated to health. Committed to community.

That’s Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation in six words. Six words in six years. We are a team of nine people (plus countless supporters, donors, board members, volunteers, and several others we contract with) who are passionate about the programs that make us who we are.

Our biggest wins are the programs that are part of The Foundation. Together, we work to create meaningful and lasting change in the health of our community.

Watch your inbox for the latest issue of the Full Circle Newsletter. It is brimming with healthy dose of local, community goodness. We are, after all, dedicated to health and committed to community.

Comment with your life’s tagline. Perhaps your contemplation time won’t be quite as long as ours.


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