/ramp/: verb and noun

Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation portrayed both literally and metaphorically in one unassuming, candid snapshot.


  1. provide and build

What do you get when a relatively small city, that serves as the regional medical hub, does not have a non-profit hospital? Us. You get us: the Harrington Cancer and Health Foundation. Our mission statement, like most, is formal… and long. Our tagline, well… you can read that post later.

But, what do we DO? We ramp: provide and build. Of course, we could not do anything without the support of our volunteers, donors, and sponsors.

HCHF provides assistance to those facing cancer, illnesses, disabilities, and even death. We provide mobility to individuals with disabilities who desperately want to be part of society. And we provide peace for hospice patients and their families during their final days.

HCHF builds relationships through programs and event, safe places for individuals to turn to in times of trials, and community where people come together for common goals and interests.

Wait… you mean HCHF is not part of the BSA Harrington Cancer Center? Correct. Though the Harrington family name is part of both, the Foundation and the Cancer Center are not the same and we serve our community in different ways. You can learn more about HCHF and all of our programs on our website.


  1. a slope or inclined plane for joining two different levels, as at the entrance or between floors of a building.

The photo of this ramp was taken in Amarillo at the home of a lovely couple who selflessly moved a lifelong friend into their home. Why? Well, the friend, who lived alone in another city, was recently diagnosed with cancer and simply put, needed help. The only issue was the friend, being wheelchair bound, could not get in and out of the home without calling the fire department for lift assist.

Does HCHF regularly fund wheelchair projects? No. Do we solve issues that prevent individuals from receiving cancer treatment? Yes! We relish the challenges, both big and small.