Coronavirus and the LOCAL Cancer Community

How a pandemic is providing new opportunities amidst uncertainty.

We’re all figuring out a new normal. School is out. Businesses are closed. But for many local cancer survivors (anyone diagnosed with cancer, from the day of diagnosis; for life), the threat of COVID-19 only heightens the threat of immune systems not being able to fight hard enough.

With the support of people like you: donors, community partners, and
“think outside the box-ers”, resources for LOCAL cancer survivors have not and will not stop.Although the Foundation has a small staff, we are dedicated to the health of our community and continue to find new ways to adapt and serve.

1Check this out! Our instructors at the 24 Hours in the Canyon Cancer Survivorship Center are awesome. While social distancing, dealing with treatment or side effects of past treatment, you can take VIRTUAL classes.

-Gentle Yoga
-Regaining Your Balance
-Chair Yoga
-Relaxation Tips
– Virtual Cancer Care Groups
These are all available by visiting and clicking on NEWS. Keep reading… there’s a treat at the end.

The High Plains area is BIG! HCHF serves residents of the Top 26 counties of Texas. When residents of surrounding, rural communities are diagnosed with cancer, they have a lot to coordinate. Many diagnoses require radiation Monday- Friday for 6 weeks. “Will I drive back and forth for each treatment? Who will care for my pets? How can my spouse work and drive me to appointments? How can I afford to stay in Amarillo?”

HCHF is able to provide fuel cards and lodging for our friends that travel for treatment, regardless where they are treated in Amarillo. MyPlace Hotel, Medical Center League House, and TRU Hilton are all lodging partners. For those who need to stay in Amarillo, our friends at MyPlace Hotel-Amarillo West are going the extra mile for individuals being assisted by the Foundation. From extra sanitizing to assistance with coordinating groceries for their in-room kitchens, they are a great solution for a. my cancer treatment can’t wait for COVID-19 to be over and b. I need to social distance. How are these resources funded? Donations from the incredibly generous community of the Texas Panhandle and beyond.

Javisus (center) travels from Borger for his treatment. Anna, GM at MyPlace (right), is officially part of “Javisus’ Squad”.

HCHF is dedicated to health and committed to community. We understand that the struggles that come with COVID-19 only make the battle with cancer that much more difficult. That is why we will continue our mission: To reduce the burden of cancer and to promote and serve the healthcare needs of residents living in Amarillo and surrounding communities.

So while we are all dealing with this new “normal” and the obstacles that come along with it, take a moment to find the joy in knowing that local cancer survivors are being cared for because of people like you!

HCHF’s dedication to our community doesn’t stop with the individuals diagnosed with cancer. We know that oncology nurses play a vital role during and after treatment.

In July, HCHF will host an event for local oncology providers. Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer Survivor and Oncology Nurse, Lindsey Norris, will share how she learned to be a better nurse after experiencing cancer “from the other side of the port”. Our hope is that this will better equip local nurses to understand the patient’s experience and be proactive in identifying and meeting their needs.

“To find yourself in a new world, equipped with its own language and rules that completely change your daily life is overwhelming and scary to say the least- you start to wonder how you’ll even begin to move forward from such a major shift. I’ve noticed myself feeling all these fears and more recently as news of the COVID-19 crisis started to develop and stop the world in its tracks. I couldn’t help but notice these feelings felt very familiar- and I immediately shifted to my cancer coping methods that I’ve gotten pretty darn good at these last 3+ years.”

Excerpt from an article written by Lindsey Norris. Link to her full article HERE.

Stay well, friends. We’re all in this together.
-Haley Bell, Development Officer

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